why us?

Shorten your link, further your reach.

Say goodbye to long, clunky URLs when you use 7V.ai. Quickly shorten your URL using our powerful tool, and start reaching further across the Internet with more clicks and insightful analytics. Save characters in your social media posts, collect data, get more clicks, and promote sharing when you use a shortened URL from 7V.ai.


Create a Free, Unique Profile

Create your password-protected profile so that you have complete, secure access to your personal links and analytics.

Geotarget Your Links

Increase conversion on your site by redirecting visitors to your specialized landing pages with our ability to geotarget.

Bundle Similar Links

Bundle your links for quick and easy access to your users. View individualized statistics on your links or track as an entire bundle.

Customize Landing Pages

Create unique overlay and splash pages for your site. With our simple tools you can create pages that can display custom messages to your customers, and retrieve the analytics for the pages.



Get the details on users who click your links.

With our powerful analytics you are able to get the details on your clicks. You can quickly track number of clicks, country of origin of the user, and the number of shares of your link. Export your data into a .CSV for easy reporting and viewing.



One comprehensive and detailed dashboard to manage your account. You’re in control with one detailed dashboard. Manage your URLs, analytics, create bundles, manage your splash pages, tracking pixels and custom domains, all from one centralized location.



Our host is in datacenter at the No 1 Web hosting provider in Switzerland, Over 70 Gbit/s of interconnection and redundancy with the best internet access suppliers on the market (Swisscom, Level3, Cogent, etc.) guarantee the reliability of your internet access.